How to Make Zillow Work for You

The launch of Zillow Tallahassee has changed how the real estate world functions. The main goal of Zillow is to assist buyers and sellers in the steps to find or sell a home.

The founders of Zillow believe that real estate should be simpler and accessible to everyone. This is why Zillow has created tools to help provide free valuations for every home in America. As the website increases in popularity Zillow will continue adding tools to help users in their home buying process. Check out this Real Estate Guide 2017 to get started.

Zillow has provided a fast and easy to use tool to determine the market value of your home. Zillow bases their housing evaluations on tax records and publicly available data.

The tools that Zillow uses for determining market valuation have a 10% margin of error. Though the tools aren't accurate 100% of the time Zillow is always working to improve the formula.

Zillow has drawn the attention of real estate agents who fear that websites like this could hurt their business.

Innovation can force changes in stagnant industries and change can be hard for many individuals.
Technological advances should be welcomed by industries trying to remain at the top of their game.

The question you should be asking is how you might use Zillow to your advantage. Your biggest asset is the value you provide to customers so combine that with biggest asset ZIllow has, pricing information.

Zillow uses pricing information as its biggest asset, but there are others that are equally important.

Your business cannot live on information alone. Information requires action and the knowledge to turn it into a profit. Knowledge must be used with the information provided to assure the appropriate action.

Having prior experience in the real estate world can be valuable in interpreting the information and take action.

Your goal should be to improve upon what Zillow has done. The goal should be to provide the information and experience your customers want and need.

This is one way you can make Zillow fit your needs.

Studying ZIllow can help you determine where you need to improve.

Zillow can be used to help with presentations and one on one client interviews. Show your client comparisons between what Zillow can offer and what you can provide.

You can also use the value estimation tools provided by Zillow to help teach and inform your client.

The client will have greater trust if you provide them with comparisons and see your services stacked up against the competition.

Zillow might have a better price, but you can provide a better service and value.

Value is important for clients.

It is important to understand that value and service are important aspects of the business world.